PLACE BID: Triptych 1 Part 2 – 35mm Analog Film Color Shift // Sale ends August 1, 2024

Photography NFT by Markus Spiske

For your The Sandbox Game, your place at Decentraland, Metas Horizon or in the Otherside world of the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Be one of the first select people to purchase an analog photography art NFT and display it in your virtual spaces.

No Pixel
The original source material is not based on pixels, but 35mm analog photography
All pictures were taken with analog vintage Leica cameras and lenses (R7, 1994 / M6, 1987)
98% of all photos are taken with expired, partly over 15 years old, overlaid films, whose storage was unknown
Sometimes results in experimental, abstract color shifts and other „special effects“ that cannot be imitated digitally
18 Collections
Currently there are 116 individual items from 18 different collections available, beeing constantly expanded
All photographs are limited to 1 piece
95% of the images were taken in the Franconian metropolitan region (Upper and Middle Franconia), in the triangle between Nuremberg, Bamberg and Bayreuth
Analog & Digital
Highlight is an 8-part series built as a triptych with „Unlockable Content“. The first buyer of one of the 24 parts will receive the unique NFT and additionally via post mail the analogue film negative. Analog meets Digital!
I prefer to use expired 35mm color film of unknown storage and shoot with a Leica R7 and Leica M6.
It is very exciting to receive the films after development to see if the film could still be exposed and how the colors are.

I am open for collaborations and TFP. DM for more information.

Photography NFT by Markus Spiske

Markus Spiske
Upper Franconia
Bavaria, Germany

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Collaborations & TFP

I am open for collaborations and TFP. DM for more information.

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